6 Struggles of an Otaku

So… This is almost a cliche topic, but I just wanted to do something along these lines to get into the whole blogging thing (╹◡╹)

Struggle #1: When You Have To Go To School


Because no one wants to spend basically 20 odd episodes worth of time sitting at a desk, in a classroom where you can’t watch anime! I mean seriously though, my school even set up a thing where you can’t open certain apps using their internet, so I either have to use data, or go without anime. It is hell. We can all agree (unless you know, you can watch anime at school or don’t go to school or whatever).


Struggle #2: The snacks are gone!


Almost all of us have experienced the moment when you reach your hand into the bag or box or whatever, and are met with nothing but empty packaging. Or even worse, when the snacks are just out of arms reach. And you can’t be bothered to get up and get them, because I mean, who can be bothered to get up when you’ve just gotten comfy?

Struggle #3: Not Accepted…


This is something that I actually struggle with a little, when your family or friends just don’t understand you. That anime isn’t a phase, and that you won’t grow out of it. It’s a passion. It’s something that we are totally engrossed in. I’ve been told by multiple people that they wish I would find something else. And I have plenty else! I write, I draw, I sing, I play the trumpet! But nope. Your family just has to find some way to critisize ya!


Struggle #4: You Can’t Find Anime Friends


I have liked anime for maybe 3-4 years, and one thing that I have found infuriating, is that there are so few people who like it! In a school of 1500 kids, and a year level of 250, you’d think there’d be at least a few, but nope. I have two friends who like anime, one who has watched Death Note, and the other who has watched Fairy Tale. They have watched one anime each and this is the closest I have come to meeting an otaku. I also get called a freak sometimes, since I like ‘cartoons’. Ooh boy did that kid regret saying that those couple of words. ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Struggle #5: When Anime has Raised Your Standards


The amount of sexiness in anime is a little overpowering. Especially when It ends in you looking for the perfect person, who doesn’t exist, because you only got the idea from a fictional character!


Struggle #6: When Anime Is All You Can Think About


Yep. You get where I’m coming from. Sometimes we have these days, where we literally do nothing but anime, food and sleep. For me, that’s nearly every weekend where I don’t have stuff to do (*^ω^*) Oh, and don’t get me started on ‘One More Episode’.


So… just a couple of problems we have, definitely not all of them! If you want you could add some in the comments, I find it rather hilarious to read about how similar we all are sometimes! Till next time!!


Husbandos, Waifus and Faves!

Heya there, my fellow otaku (and possible weebs ;p)! Since my last post was so short I thought I would  share some of my absolute favourite anime and the like. These are just my opinions, but feel free to share yours in the comments!

So there is this sort of myth going around, that if you watch Naruto and Bleach or just any popular anime, that you must be a weaboo. But honestly, you should watch them! There’s a reason they’re popular. I mean they wouldn’t be so popular if they were no good, would they? (We will NOT be mentioning SAO in this case…)

Beside those few anime, of all that I have watched I have to say that Haikyuu is life. If you have not seen it you are seriously missing out! As well as Haikyuu, my favourites include:

– Tokyo Ghoul
– Kiss Him, Not Me
– Assassination Classroom
– The Irregular at Magic High School
– Hyouka
– Death Note
– Snow White with the Red Hair
– The Asterisk War
– Aoharu X Kikanjuu

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And many, many, many more… Okay I’m sorry, it’s not my fault that there is soo much good anime out there (●´ω`●) And I haven’t watched all of them either!

I definitely recommend that entire list (because they’re all soooooooo good!), but of course you’re free to watch whatever you want. If I missed any of your faves I’d love to hear about them, so feel free to comment which ones you like best!

Now for the list I’ve been dying to write, my husbandos and waifus!!! So this is kind of sad to admit, but I fall in love with basically every single character in existence so I’ll try to keep the list short, but no promises! I’m also gonna include a little reason as to why I love each of them (≧∇≦)

– Kae Serinuma (she’s a fujoshi, plus she’s cute)
– Oreki Houtarou (lazy but a total genius)
– Karma Akabane (sassy and a daredevil)
– Kuroo Tetsurou (totally crazy and super evil)
– Miyuki Shiba (so loving and has a super short temper when it comes to Tatsuya)
– Touka Kirishima (just amazing in general)

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Ooh I nearly forgot my one true love, 707. Anyone who knows of Mystic Messenger just face palmed. That’s right I see you. But c’mon guys, nobody can deny how beautiful he is. He’s just so… so loveable. In all honesty, I will love any character that is sassy, weird, evil or has bloodlust. Maybe it’s just me, but we all have our types and mine just all happen to be retarded! IMG_0505

Ugh I’m so sorry for this post it was all about me, but if you guys have any questions or want to tell me your faves just comment and I’ll try to get back to you. I’m always looking for new anime to watch and would love to get to know you!

For reals this time, Cy’all next week!




Hi There!!

So… first post… I’m really excited, though I have to admit I’m a little nervous too. Since this is all really new for me I want to start out by telling y’all a little about myself. I’m the typical otaku (at least I hope I am ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ) who wants to get out on the internet and help spread the anime love, as well as make some friends! Yay me!!! Now anyways, enough of me being an idiot. My posts, as you can probably guess, are going to be mostly about anime and the likes, though I may just post something random for a change every now and then.

As for a schedule I was thinking of posting every Friday, and maybe some extra here and there if I feel like it (^o^). I’d love to hear from anyone who’s interested in anime, so feel free to comment and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible, and I’d also really appreciate any suggestions of what to watch or post about. Please bear with me for a little while, as it might take me some time to get into the groove of things, but I’ll try my best! Until next time! ★彡 ★彡

(P.S I’m totally not listening to the Mystic Messenger theme song thingy super loud on repeat while writing this ^ – ^)